To a new direction: From Model F to Luvo

To a new direction: From Model F to Luvo

Model F has never been an ordinary lamp. Neither from its looks, nor from its features. Why? Because we have never thought in ordinary patterns.

When we started in 2014, lighting technology was already advancing. We had dimmers, colours and some smart integrations. Yet, one thing was still the same: the way we interacted with light. We still set the same light for eating dinner, watching TV and relaxing on the couch. 

We accepted the reading light that was actually too dark, or the working light that was actually too bright. All that for a simple reason: Our light was static. Either you moved your lamp or yourself on to the other side of the couch. 

This missing dimension was crucial for the development of our lamp. We knew, we wanted to change the lighting game and set out to do so: We made the light directional. 

With direction, you are in control over all features of lighting – from brightness and temperature to colour and ultimately position. So lighting can be truly your own. Now you have the power to create your most productive workplace or your most relaxing haven in just an instant. Now you can turn all rooms into the most enjoyable home for yourself, your family and friends. 

This progression is not just a technological one, with it we have triggered a lighting evolution

From Model F to Luvo

We do not stop here. We want to keep pushing boundaries and we want more things to change while doing so.

As a first step, we are renaming our lamp:

 Renaming Model F to Luvo

With this small switch, we mean something bigger. We want you to experience light differently. Every time you adjust your lighting to your liking, we want you to sense your own little lighting evolution. 

To support this bold mission we know it takes more than a few different letters.

That’s why there is also this:

  • New look, feel & features. We’ll continue the story. So stay excited for updates that make our lamp even more dynamic as well as new visuals that help you see what we see.
  • Extended return period. Switch the lamp on and off, create your scenes in spring, set your timer in winter. Try our lamp for 365 days. If you’re not in love with it after a year, just send it back, no questions asked.
  • Reduce, reuse, relight. Shortly, we’ll launch the LR Refurbished Program. As a member, you can get overhauled lamps and lampshades at a smaller price. Here is everything about The LR Refurbished Program
  • Delightful learning. Become an expert and know how to best set your lighting at home. We’ll bring you tutorials and information on lighting tech and design. All wrapped up in small social posts, blog entries and more.

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